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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2017 12:00pm-12:34pm AST

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protests in kenya as a legal challenge to postpone the country's presidential election rerun fails but not enough judges to hear the appeal less than twenty four hours before the polls open. and we shall carry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china indels its new leadership line up for their cementing the power of president xi jinping by not including a clear successor. hiding down their weapons kurds say they'll freeze the results of a session vote and seek talks with iran plus. downtown atlanta georgia i'm one of the creators of pleasure to be here today. thank you for joining us from the u.s. . medical history in london technology that stalker's around the world in one operating room. with.
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his presidential election looks like it will go ahead on thursday after the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear a last minute petition against it the polls a rerun after the court and no president a hurricane jada's victory in the first election in august over irregularities opposition leader is boycotting the poll miller joins us now from the kenyan capital nairobi so for me the sounds unusual a lot of judges to hear this so where do things stand now. with just you know hours to go before the election is due to take place this really was a last ditch attempt to have the election postponed based largely on the opposition leader raila odinga not participating in the election and also statements by the electoral commission the chairman of that body saying that he couldn't guarantee that kenya would have a free and fair election in this a specific climate so essentially because these judges aren't available to hear
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this petition the election does take place on thursday but right at the beginning of his address to the supreme court justice maraca had also spoken about the events of the last twenty four hours one of the other justices had her bodyguard a bodyguard of the justice was shot in an attack in a nairobi on tuesday night now that is police do say that this is they are investigating and this could be related to a robbery but they are a lot of questions being raised around why these judges aren't available previously just as morocco had said that he judges often. a lot of pressure as well as political interference in terms of their duties in the supreme court so this is a very difficult time for kenya just hours before the election given that the supreme court has essentially found a way out of listening to this petition and making a decision on whether or not elections should take place and because they say they
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can't hear the petition elections do happen elections will in fact happen allowing the the supreme court a way out of a very sticky situation all right i mean miller life for us and i robi i mean a thank you china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president xi paying premier league was the only one to retain his spot in the seven man lineup but there's no clear successor to see what all committee members age at least sixty so that means they will take over at the next party congress that's in two thousand and twenty two further strengthening firm grip on power. that socialism with chinese characteristics has entered into a new era the new era must showcase these new faces i need to have new action in twenty eighteen we will have the fortieth anniversary of opening up it is a very important thing of determining the fate of china forty years of reforming and opening up has led chinese people to their moderately prosperous society and
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are becoming richer and richer we need to draw from this experience and continue to modernize the governance system of china andrew thomas has more from beijing. the most significant point to make about this new lineup is that none of the men on the new standing committee is under sixty years old and that suggests that shooting paying has not chosen a successor he doesn't want to be eclipsed by the coming man during his term as president xi jinping himself fifty four was put on the standing committee none of the new members is under sixty what he's got around him are people who know him well one of the new members of the standing committee lee john hsu has been like that with president xi right back since the one nine hundred eighty s. when they were both young party officials in a province and the same to a lesser extent is true of the other members of the standing committee as well they are all loyalists to the president that suggests that president xi intends to be all powerful until twenty twenty two at least when his term as president comes to
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an end and potentially a leader in some form of to that he's already got his name in shrine to the constitution that happened on tuesday now he's got the people around him that he needs to stay all strong in china the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its session referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want to cease fire kurdish peshmerga forces have been fighting government troops near a key oil pipeline stephanie decker has more from near iraq's border with syria. well it's a very unexpected statement really because the k r g the kurdistan regional government has always said the results of the river and i'm we're a red line the demand from baghdad was that the results needed to be in knowledge before any dialogue to take place so now what we have is an offer from the regional government here saying let's freeze the and i think this kind of language is important see what that means whether baghdad accept it let's freeze the results
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let's have an immediate cease fire and let's go into dialogue now let me just explain to you where we are which i think has some part of that we are in northern iraq of course but it's at the point of triangle where there was fighting yesterday and i just behind us those mountains you see around two kilometers is syria and then a little further north you have turkey so this is a crucial point where there was fighting here yesterday morning just a little further about twenty kilometers down from where we are between iraqi forces the shiite militias and the peshmerga is a real concern that the plan was for the iraqi forces to come all the way up this border and essentially cut off the border crossing which is held by kurds on both sides and you have the iraqi prime minister today is currently on his way to turkey where he'll be meeting with the turkish president he will then be going to iran these are two countries that are hugely invested in what has happened here over the last week or so so i think interesting now the ball is in about is to court we're going to have to wait and see what his reaction will be to that offer from the
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curtis regional government here staying with iraq and government forces are launching an offensive to recapture the last part of iraq he territory still and i still hangs they've been dropping leaflets warning civilians of this imminent assault i saw a suffered two major defeats in iraq in recent months after fierce fighting in mosul and how we each of the group holds territory in the west near the border with syria. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is in india to meet with the prime minister narendra modi the three day visit follows a stopover in pakistan on tuesday during a press conference with india's foreign minister torsen said the united states share the same regional security concerns as new delhi in our discussions with pakistani leadership yesterday the slab about we had a very open frank exchange around the concerns of the united states shares with other regional partners and allies india but also afghanistan. that there are too many terrorist organizations that find
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a safe place in pakistan for wish to conduct their operations in attacks against other countries so we have extended our short expectations we have of their government and their leadership to deal with in particular these organisations. the us president has signed an executive order introducing tough new measures on refugees wanting to go to the united states he previously placed to ban for one hundred twenty days on refugees trying to enter the us administration conducted a review will that ban has expired it's been lifted the new measures include more rigorous vetting and screening of all those seeking asylum people from eleven countries were part of this high risk by washington will be assessed only on a case by case basis as countries have not yet been named. still ahead on al-jazeera final rights for thailand's longest reigning monarch honestly to rest.
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from a fresh coast to bring peace. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there we've got lots of sunshine to be found across the southeast in parts of asia at the moment but i also want to roll the life we shall is this massive cloud here in the far eastern parts of your screen that is a tropical storm that's running its way towards the north but it has intensified the rains for some of us in the philippines it's moving away northwards though so for the philippines there will be more in the way of dry weather as we head through the next day or so so still some clouds still some showers just not quite as many of them instead the wetter more persistent rain well that will be out towards the west it'll be here over pauls a viet nam and also affecting us in borneo and there's also a more wet weather towards the west as well for us in parts of thailand some of this in thailand being very wet over the last couple of days more rain still to
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come even as we head through friday and this time it sinks further south so expect some heavy showers in kuala lumpur and across singapore as well as we head down towards australia well this is larry of planted that's been bringing us quite a few showers that's trying to pull away now but still expect to outbreaks of rain as we had three day in melbourne towards the west where we've got the next system here that's bringing us some sherry weather for the southwestern parts of western australia including force in perth and as it works its way eastwards it's really going to bring a change to the temperatures there not late on friday will be up thirty one. there with sponsored by qatar race. across the breathtaking efforts to clean up the planet sat around the way in milan companies are turning to a radical solution to biodynamic cement toxic pollution so this really is a living building that's constantly interacting with its environment tries visits the from teenagers of the battle for the environment trying to steer an ice and
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a pioneering a new technique to reduce emissions earthrise look for new ways of preventing air pollution at this time and. you're watching al jazeera let's recap the top stories right now protests have broken out and kenya's offices and stronghold of the simoom after a legal bid to postpone the election failed the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear a last minute petition against it as a whole is a rerun after the court and all of president who cannot us victory in the first election in august over irregularities. china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president shushan pain from the air the kid chung was
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the only one to retain a spot in the seven man lineup but there's no clear successor to further strengthening his grip on power. the kurdish regional government and iraq has suggested freezing the results of its secession referendum which triggered a confrontation with the central government the kurds say they're ready for talks with baghdad and want a cease fire. eleven human rights activists accused of supporting terrorist groups have gone on trial in istanbul in turkey they include the director of amnesty international in turkey a german national and a sweet they were arrested in july and accused of aiding kurdish and leftwing armed groups as well as the two will go on that claim for last year's failed coup attempt activists face up to fifteen years in prison if found guilty. is live outside the court and istanbul so. there seems that that turkey has been in a state of nonstop trials for months now so that this one in perspective for us.
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yes a share since the failed coup attempt which happened last july in two thousand and six and the state of emergency is underway of course there are lots of. courts events going on so for today's event as you have also mentioned right now the court has finished identity checks of the suspects and the judge is reading the indictment the accusations against the suspects i can tell that since the morning there are many hooman rights representatives here to support the suspects and their relatives these human rights are present it is are from n.g.o.s inside within turkey and outside turkey there are there is international presence presence as well including the diplomatic mission representatives like the german consulate for istanbul general constellation istanbul also
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a political party members the deputies are here to give support mostly from the opposition side but we know that human rights commission chief in the parliament and m.p. from arc parties also inside the courtroom following the following the process what we know on till now is that according to the sources both from the suspects side and the judiciary side that there is there can be a mid term decision for the release of the suspects but. of course acquitted acquittance is not expected for today and the lawyers and social rights activists who have been friends with those suspects have been telling us that the indictment the accusation file is empty which means the accusations do not have strong evidence is against the suspects and are based on suspicions and purposes presumptions so today release is expected but of course who knows what's going to
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what's going to happen but i have to underline. one point to give. or a perspective from ancora side from government's. side let's say they are saying that these human rights activists these human rights organizations are why are they mostly. people who are chilled to the anti-government and this is the question asked by the government side so we are going to be following. up to court and we will be updating your ratio ok because hello live in istanbul c n n thank you spain's prime minister says restoring normality and legality to catalonia is one of the government's top priorities catalonia faces direct role being imposed on it from madrid on friday more than three weeks after its controversial secession referendum on regional government plans to challenge the takeover of three spain's constitutional court.
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myanmar and bangladesh have agreed to repatriate hundreds of thousands of her hens or who fled violence in me and mars or the rakhine state more than six hundred thousand people of cross into bangladesh and just the last two months meanwhile aid groups are asking the international community for more help as conditions at makeshift camps deteriorate. reports from cox is bizarre. just try and imagine you're trying to take care of the health care facilities for the population of the city of washington d.c. that is about the size of a population of refugees who crossed over to bangladesh in recent days from me on my plus those who i've there in recent years that would make up close to one million the size of the population we're living in squarely refugee camps all across there just isn't and i thought hospital beds in this part of talks about there's one government on hospital with about two hundred bats and now they're in ok about about sixty bad and
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a field hospital recently opened by red cross and red cross together which has a sixty bad hospital there needs to be a lot of in-house patients sent away patients would be actually admitted most of the clinics we see on mobile clinics now here we can see woman friendly space which supports gender based violence as well as maternity issues health related problem for woman lactating problem mothers how to take care of their children etc in the long run the government needs to find a solution to provide hospital care facilities for a lot of these people in growing refugees who are staying in various camps and major challenge and good for local and international aid agencies as well as for bangladesh gunman in coming days the u.n. secretary general has praised peace keeper struggling to contain increasing violence in central african republic and turning to terror as call their contribution heroic at a wreath laying ceremony in the capital. he told will help us he appreciated their work and extremely difficult circumstances but also warned fighting between
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religious groups could escalate into a genocide. very very. very proud. well of us this was yes we don't want you to leave you will always more in serving the people. you are you you serve the. second fison was so slow the people we can fool is your example is something yes i will always remember your second fars is something good un we've always in the us ambassador to the un nikki haley is in south sudan to meet the president and hopes of finding a resolution to the civil war on tuesday haley visit south sudanese refugees and western ethiopia she told a group of reporters said she was mad that the international community has let the
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conflict go on for so long south sudan spiraled into civil war in two thousand and thirteen after a dispute between presidents have a care and a former deputy nearly three hundred fifty thousand refugees have flooded into candela almost ninety percent are women and children. this is an international crisis this is not just ethiopia is a problem this is an international crisis and when you look at the thousands of people here and you see that they're supposed to have one health clinic for ten thousand people and there's eighty six thousand people in one clinic and it's from i mean they're they're trying to make ends meet by you know working on food shortages but at some point you have to look at say no one deserves to live like this palestinian teenage boys have been interrogated in israeli prisons without lawyers present that's according to a new report accusing israel of systematically abusing young detainees in occupied east jerusalem statements from sixty youngsters suspected of stone throwing showed
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seventy percent of the boys did not understand they had a right to remain silent and also fear being harmed thirty percent of the boys to dot speak to lawyers before questioning some of those who did used interrogators foam and ninety five percent of the cases boys were in the interrogation room on their own without parents without any relative. is the executive director at the the israeli information center for human rights in the occupied territories he says palestinian should be properly represented in israel's judicial system to special laws that protects the rights of minors of teenagers out there especially because of the understanding that this is an age in which people. are more vulnerable a can actually be scarred for life traumatized for life through such experiences is so you want to have special protections in place we have a system in which in one side a. police officers prosecutors judges the jails will
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all in always be israeli in this case you have you know palestinian teenagers who are always on the receiving end of this of this reality of course even though the laws have formal protections that need to be upheld we end up in a reality that is consistently demonstrates that palestinian teenagers do not receive the protections that they deserve and as president says it's not his place to lecture other world leaders and then yell macron has a meeting egypt's president of the tile cac in paris rights groups had demanded an account raise allegations of torture and political repression in egypt david schaper reports from paris the egyptian and french president spent two hours talking over lunch at the least a palace but lessons on human rights were not on the menu the fight against terrorism was the main course aides did say though individual cases of imprisoned
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activists were raised during the course of a private discussion between the two leaders but both men were challenged on human rights in egypt when it came to the press conference and assumed when i believe in the sovereignty of states and so in the same way that i want to accept lessons from any other leader on the heart to govern my country i do not give lessons to others you move the chaplain must reach them. digits some people refuse all violent practices dictatorship and disrespect for human rights but i'm responsible for a hundred million egyptian citizens in this unstable context which i'm talking about extremist ideology won't accept living with others in peace but it is very important to know that we do not make use of torture practices human rights organizations. have been widely documented and. fight against the proliferation of terrorism they are creating ideal conditions radicalize they from. egypt is the biggest market in the middle east for france's
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weapons industry but some analysts believe it's the wrong approach to bring back stability to the region. if you can we can see it in the short term we will fight against terrorism but in a second phase there is a risk for destabilizing egypt people will naturally ask for more democracy. the human rights group reporters without borders staged a demonstration outside the hotel with egypt and president is staying in the french capital they used him of wanting to mummify journalists to gag them and blindfold to the head of the group said it was impossible today to be independent and free journalist in egypt david chase al-jazeera the. protesters in france are demanding the release of journalists being held in egyptian prisons place during president's visit to paris that we just talked about reporters without borders say there are twenty journalists being detained in egyptian cells testers want french president
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mandela to condemn the arrest says violations of human rights and al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist who's now been entered egyptian president for more than three hundred days he says his are broadcasting false news to spread chaos claims he and al jazeera strongly deny saying has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. an irish egyptian man has arrived in dublin after spending more than four years in an egyptian prison last month abraham a law was cleared of inciting violence and rioting during demonstrations in two thousand and thirteen he was seventeen years old when he was arrested during a seizure at the mosque in cairo thousands were arrested in the protests against the military coup that ousted president mohamed morsi a large agricultural companies are making big profits in zambia but their report says vulnerable ruled communities are paying the price with small farmers having to
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give up their land many of them are women as katia lopez. reports this community has been farming for years it depends on the land to survive but recently many have been forced out by foreign companies going up along with. the workers that are going to be into the house and say you have to move from here. it's a situation that's becoming more common in zambia hoping to improve the economy the government allowed commercial enterprises to expand in areas including the sarong district which is known for its good soil and water these satellite images show just how quickly domestic and foreign foreign companies moved in to produce corn wheat and soy some of which is sold abroad but families say they're being pushed from the land they've worked on for generations felicia says now her children don't have a problem home. we were told we only had two weeks and we had to leave that's how
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we ended up here my children they sleep in that taint human rights watch released a report forced to leave commercial farming and displacement insomnia that examines the impact these businesses are having or rule families it says a woman in particularly are being blindsided by the problem. we women used to grow plenty of crops and keep it in our storage bins it's a big difference the river was close and we could draw water we grow a lot of savvy and sweet potatoes. rules to protect farming communities and sabia already exist including having families decide whether they want to leave proper resettled and options and compensation but the people here say they're not being enforced. i was taken to court because these companies want the land where we live this community says forming is about much more than crops it's about tradition land
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family and their very livelihood katia lopa civilian al-jazeera. an elaborate five day funeral has started in thailand for. a year after his death you can see the live pictures right there and bangkok a quarter of a million people have lined the area outside the grand palace to watch golden chariots bring the late king's body to their crematorium complex he was seen by many as the father of all thais after he helped shape the country after the second world war. looks at the preparations in the capital bangkok. a member of the national theatre. perform for the late king. jr day many times but thursday's performance will be like none before she's rehearsing for a play written by the late king and will perform it on the day the nation will say its final goodbye after
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a year of mourning. before it was about pride but this time it is totally different and i realized this time is did last opportunity i work for him so i am proud as as well. millions of thais around the country are preparing for thursday for the last year tens of millions of the center would flowers have been crafted they've been used in world cremation ceremonies since ancient times throughout the country replicas of the world crematorium have been built on thursday these are where thais will place the flowers their way of participating in the king's funeral at fifty meters high the ornate crematorium took eight months to complete. directed by the country's a fine arts department it symbolizes a sacred mountain in hindu mythology thailand is overwhelmingly buddhist but has deep hindu roots with the reign of over seventy years king you know will be
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historic but not just because of its size it's considered to be the most important in contemporary history that men on. this time the feelings of people about the loss of our beloved king are different he was a big part of everyday lives we can even say that more than three courses of ties were born and grew up under the reign of king rama nine that's about sixty three million. but this is the saddest thomas my life and for our nation and his greatest loss since he passed away a year ago the has not been a single day of happiness for me. this is how. most of us will born and one minute me i'm so sad to be born and it taste test. the preparations and rehearsals for the funeral will continue right up until thursday. those involved want it to be perfect as they say goodbye to their kids
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about how they're al-jazeera bangkok. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories protests are broken out in kenya's opposition stronghold of after a legal bit to postpone the election failed the supreme court said there weren't enough judges to hear a last minute petition against it the polls a rerun after the court and the president are hooking out his victory in the first election in august over irregularities china's communist party has revealed its new leadership team headed by president primarily was the only one to retain his spot and the seven man lineup but there is no clear successor other strengthening his grip on power from look closer. that socialism with chinese characteristics has entered into a new era the new era must showcase these new faces i need to have new actions in
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twenty eighteen we will have the fortieth anniversary of opening up it is a very important thing of determining the fate of china forty years of reforming and opening up has led chinese people to their moderately prosperous society and are becoming richer and richer we need to draw from this experience and continue to modernize the governance system of china the kurdish regional government in iraq has suggested freezing the results of its a session referendum which are going to confrontation with the central government the current say they're ready for talks with baghdad and they want to cease fire. iraqi forces are launching an offensive to recapture the last part of iraqi territory still and i saw hands they've been dropping leaflets warning civilians of the eminent assault i solicit for two major defeats in iraq in recent months after fierce fighting in mosul and. the u.s. is set to accept refugees again but with tougher vetting measures the top administration has ended a ban on new arrivals but people from eleven countries regarded as high risk by washington will be assessed only on a case by case basis the u.n.
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secretary general has praised peace keeper struggling to contain increasing violence in central african republic and terrorists call their contribution heroic in a ceremony in the capital he told un peacekeepers he appreciated their work extremely difficult circumstances but also warned fighting between religious groups could escalate into genocide as are the headlines news continues in al-jazeera after earthrise keep it or. the head of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed a satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily news biggest tech success story. by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories the economic. counting the cost at this time.


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